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This product photograph for Dr. Sheth's Ceramide & Vitamin C Sunscreen is designed to evoke the essence of a carefree, sunny day.

The placement on the sand, surrounded by summer essentials like a straw hat and sunglasses, highlights the product's use in outdoor settings. The inclusion of an orange slice subtly nods to the vitamin C content, while sea glass and shells underscore the sunscreen's natural ingredients. The central, upright positioning of the sunscreen tube against the complementary colors and textures sets it as the protagonist of the narrative, emphasizing its importance for skin protection.


This product image for Chemist at Play's Odour Control Roll-On is a study in thematic color coordination, with a vivid orange backdrop mirroring the product’s packaging, signifying energy and vibrancy.
The use of scientific glassware symbolizes the product’s advanced formulation, while a sprig of orange flowers adds a natural touch, suggesting freshness. Central placement on a pedestal elevates the product, highlighting its significance. The design choices here create a narrative of innovation, efficacy, and aesthetic harmony.


This dynamic photograph showcases the Nike Air Low Triple Red sneakers, utilizing a selective color technique to highlight the shoe’s vivid red against a muted background, drawing attention to its iconic design and texture.
The strategic positioning showcases the sneaker's profile and distinctive air sole, emphasizing Nike's fusion of performance and street style. The image conveys a narrative of boldness and urban sophistication.


This photograph displays the Nike Air Force 1 Low White Pine Green sneakers against a palm shadowed, green backdrop, highlighting the shoes' crisp design and vibrant accents.
The composition, with the sneakers positioned to showcase their profile and colors, emphasizes the fusion of classic style and urban flair. The setting invokes an active, streetwise lifestyle, aligning with the Nike ethos.


Captured with precision, this photograph highlights the COACH Multi Black Emery Medium Crossbody Bag, set against a complementary, textured backdrop that accentuates its luxurious texture and the iconic COACH pattern.
The deliberate lighting emphasizes the bag’s elegant lines and quality craftsmanship, while the brand's logo subtly asserts authenticity. The image’s simplicity serves to underscore the bag’s versatility and urban sophistication, embodying the COACH legacy.


This image presents the Mohar Hand Block Printed Kaftan Night Suit Set with a focus on artisanal craftsmanship and luxury. The contrasting background accentuates the rich textures and golden prints, highlighting the handmade quality. Close-up insets reveal the fabric’s fine details, and the design's strategic annotations showcase the set’s comfort and style. This composition effectively narrates the garment's blend of tradition and modernity


Mohit Goyal
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