I'm Mohit Goyal, your friendly neighbourhood designer. I popped into existence three decades ago, in the city that never sleeps—Mumbai—I've since traded the hustle and bustle for the colourful chaos of Jaipur, where I've established my creative lair. As a Multidiciplinary Designer and Art Director with 10+ years of Industry experience, I have a knack for blending art, design, photography and technology seamlessly.
From my early days with a sketchbook glued to my hand, to navigating the world of Science and Engineering, my design journey has taken the scenic route. This unique path added a whole new dimension to my design philosophy, driving me to explore new ways to incorporate emerging technologies and innovative techniques into my creative process.
When I'm not immersed in my creative cocoon, you'll find me exploring the great outdoors. The thrill of trekking, the tranquillity of swimming, and the rhythm of running all contribute to my holistic approach to creativity — shaping my perspective and enhancing my ability to translate experiences into visually compelling designs.
In the past decade, I've accumulated extensive experience working with clients across diverse industries, showcasing my adaptability and versatility. Collaborating with both large corporations and local mom-and-pop shops, each project has been a unique journey, offering valuable insights into solving complex design problems.

My design journey is a constant evolution, with each project and experience shaping my aesthetic and approach. Looking ahead, I'm thrilled about the ever-expanding possibilities in the design world. My commitment to continuous learning, passion for innovation, and love for collaboration drive me to push boundaries and create design experiences that leave a lasting impact.
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