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Reimagining education for the digital era through dynamic and intuitive visuals.
The Challenge
In an era where digital transformation is reshaping education, Kognity emerges as a leader in the educational technology landscape, especially in secondary education. The overarching challenge in this domain was to revolutionize the traditional learning experience (read - complex and boring textbook content), making it more engaging, interactive, and catering to diverse learning needs of students globally.
I worked closesly with other team members in Kognity as well as Authors and Teachers and leveraged my background in Science and Engineering to create a bridge between academic rigor and interactive learning and ensured compliance with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). I reimagining traditional educational content, and created interactive visuals that not only engaged students but also reinforced their understanding of intricate concepts across multiple subjects, from Physics and Chemistry to Economics and English.
The Challenges

Overview of Kognity's interactive platform

The Approach
The first step in my design process was addressing the complexity of scientific and mathematical concepts. The key was not just simplification, but intelligent distillation - breaking down intricate theories into core elements that could be visualized and interacted with. This involved extensive research, collaboration with subject matter experts, and iterative design to ensure accuracy and comprehensibility.
A pivotal part of the project was the development of interactive tools for advanced maths and science concepts. Using GeoGebra and H5P, I designed applets that allowed students to experiment with and visualize complex theories. This hands-on approach not only made learning more engaging but also catered to different learning paces, allowing students to explore concepts at their own speed.

Interactive GeoGebra Simulation - drag the sliders to change the parameters. 

The integration of my designs and interactive content into Kognity’s platform involved close collaboration with the development team to ensure that the interactive elements functioned smoothly within the existing digital infrastructure. Regular testing and feedback loops were integral to this process, ensuring that the content was not only engaging but also technically robust and reliable.
Accessibe Design
A significant part of my contribution was establishing and implementing accessibility guidelines. This entailed understanding the varied needs of students, including those with disabilities, and ensuring that the content was universally accessible - making the platform more inclusive.

This meant complying with WCAG 2.1 guidelines, ensuring sufficient color contrast, avoiding color-only information conveyance, and using standard colors to aid color-blind users.
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