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Crafting timeless elegance in Slow Fashion through innovative branding and sustainable design.
The Challenge
In a world increasingly dominated by the rapid and often unsustainable pace of fast fashion, Mohar sought to mark a bold, countercultural statement in the industry. Based in Jaipur, a city renowned for its rich textile heritage, Mohar emerged as a women's clothing startup with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and bespoke craftsmanship.

Faced with the task of creating a premium brand that harmonized traditional luxury of Rajasthani handcrafted fabrics with the ethos of slow fashion all while retaining a contemporary allure. The goal was clear - to evoke a sense of timeless elegance and build a brand that resonated with both tradition and modernity.
Brand Identity
The heart of Mohar's visual identity is its logo – the Nilgiri Blue Robin. This bird, native to the Indian subcontinent, with its vibrant blue plumage, serves as a perfect emblem for the brand. Its choice was twofold: it symbolized the rich biodiversity of India, and its blue color was a direct nod to the traditional indigo dyes used in Rajasthani block printing.
The Indigo color, derived from the natural Indigofera plant, is celebrated for its eco-friendly properties and deep, rich hues. This color choice was crucial, as it not only represented the brand’s aesthetic but also its commitment to sustainable practices.
Tactile Packaging
Conventional luxury packaging often involves high manufacturing minimums and significant waste, which contradicted Mohar's core values. The solution was to innovate a packaging system that leaned heavily on hand assembly, allowing for greater flexibility and reduced waste. This system utilized materials and methods that were both sustainable and cost-effective, aligning with the brand's ethos.
Recognizing the importance of the unboxing experience, I crafted a multi-layered packaging system. Each layer was thoughtfully designed to build anticipation and evoke a sense of luxury. The unveiling process became an integral part of the overall customer journey, reinforcing the premium feel of Mohar's brand.
Stamps and wax seals were employed as an economical yet elegant alternative to mass-produced branded packaging. These elements provided a personal touch that machine-made packaging could not replicate. The use of stamps allowed for a customizable and versatile branding solution, while the wax seals added a sense of traditional luxury and authenticity to each package.
To further enhance the customer experience, each garment included a tag with the name and signature of the tailor who crafted it, along with the specific customizations requested by the customer. This level of personalization strengthened the connection between the artisan and the end consumer, making each piece more than just a garment – it became a story.
Additionally, the garments were enclosed in bags made from the same material and print, creating a cohesive and thoughtful presentation. The packaging was complemented by an envelope containing original artwork that reflected the culture of Jaipur, alongside a handwritten thank-you note. This ensemble, sealed with Mohar's unique wax seal, ensured package integrity and added a vintage, timeless appeal.
Social Media
Social media was an integral part of Mohar's strategy, serving dual purposes: building brand awareness and aiding in demand forecasting. By actively engaging with customers on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Mohar was able to gauge customer preferences and generate excitement for upcoming collections. This interaction provided valuable insights into consumer trends, which were crucial for planning inventory and production.
Mohit Goyal
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